My First Flash Animation

After spending most of the semester working on the mesh tool before i finally started to get it, I was very happy to move onto flash. I think my experience working as a videographer and editor helped a lot with this project. Before I even went into flash I already knew exactly how I wanted to animate my poster and what sound effects I wanted to use with it. The only adjustment I need to make with flash was getting used to using the tweens and keyframes, other than that I found the process to be very similar to Final Cut and the Velocity editors I use at work.

I also found a great site to download audio file, you have to sign up to use it but the membership is free.


Finally getting the mesh tool

Thanks to a classmate who gave me some advice with the mesh tool my illustration is finally starting to come together.My biggest issue with using the mesh tool was getting the shading confined to certain areas, every time I added a mesh the “light” bled all over the entire illustration and i could now figure out how to control it. Maria suggested adding several points with the mesh tool and adding them in the shape of area you wanted to light. Once I tried that  my illustration began to come together very quickly.Image

It still needs some work, but overall I am much happier with what I have now.

The Mesh Tool

Didn’t make very much progress with my illustration, working the mesh tool has been troublesome, not getting the hang of it at all. I am however very happy with the results of our type project, I spent a lot of time working on thumbnail sketches to really figure out to approach the project which made it a breeze once I got to illustrator to work on it.

102_0286 102_0285 102_0284


Lines was so much fun working on because i got the chance to draw my line projects using a tablet and stylus. I felt more creative this time around because i felt like I was just drawing as opposed to creating shapes, and experimenting with the brushes really added to the results.


Circles was more fun to work on now that I was familiar with more tools in illustrator, made use of positive and negative space using black and white again.  Now I was able to make use of the pathfinder tool and blending tool. The pathfinder tool was great for giving a sense of motion, which was something I struggled with while working on squares.


I did’nt  really have much to work with ons squares since i knew virtually nothing about illustrator at this point, my only real goal was to make use of positive and negative space because changing the color of my shapes was all I really knew how to do.